The idea of Al-Basha platform is the first in Kuwait and the Arab world

The idea came from a study and survey of the needs and desires of car enthusiasts and accessories enthusiasts. A market survey was conducted and the gaps and challenges faced by this group of people when buying or selling their favorite products were researched. The feedback of existing customers on the various selling sites and platforms was carefully listened to in order to understand what they had in mind and what they were looking forward to in their shopping experience.

Through this research and analysis, several challenges were identified including the need for a reliable and safe shopping environment, the desire for transparent and commission-free prices that allow buyers and sellers to transact directly without intermediaries, and the need for a one-stop platform that brings together car and accessories enthusiasts in one place.

Based on these needs and requirements, the “Car Environment Park” project was designed to be an innovative solution that meets these challenges and brings together car and accessories enthusiasts on a unified platform. As an integrated electronic platform, the project aims to achieve a unique and convenient shopping experience for users, and to facilitate the process of buying and selling without the need to rely on embarrassment and crowding, by establishing personal stores for sellers and providing a quick payment system through which they can collect their profits immediately.

The “Car Environment Complex” project is looking forward to achieving success and wide spread among car and accessories lovers, and to meet their renewable needs and future aspirations in the field of specialized electronic shopping.

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